2 Tone Records Tribute Album

- Respect To Gangsters - Black

Cutting Edge ‎2009 CTCR-14641(CD)

Low IQ 01 / Rat Race
Mongol800 / Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)
Riddim Saunter / A Message To You Rudy
Rude Bones / Rude Boys Outta Jail
Black Bottom Brass Band / That Man Is Forward
Doberman / Dawning Of New Era
Cubismo Grafico Five / I Can’t Stand It
The Beaches / One Step Beyond
Dallax / Do Nothing
Frontier Back Yard / Hey Little Rich Girl
Oi-Skall Mates / The Selector
The Cherry Coke$ / Night Boat To Cario

Dem Bones~The Greatest Hits Album~

Diwphalanx Records ‎2007 PX-180(CD)

Hey! What’s This Noise!


Run Out Of Our Homes

You All Got The Money

No Poet

Where Are You Now ?

Loosen Up

Work Like A Machine

Now That My Love Is Gone

Always Praying For You

I Was Given Time

One Day

Something Original

Where Did My Stick Go?


Out Of The Blue

Boom Blasting

Let’s Keep Our Heads Up

New Step

Just To Have Fun

No Idea

Jump Outside

Gift-Tribute To Scafull King

Diwphalanx Records ‎2008 PX-185(CD)

Brahman / Brighten Up
Cubismo Grafico / We Are The World
Comeback My Daughters / Irish Farm
Doping Panda / Soul To Soul
Brown & The Four Backs / Far Place
Leaders Of The Pack / Save You Love
Low IQ 01 / Nothing
Oi-Skall Mates / Whistle
Riddim Saunter / No Time
Rude Bones / You Wanna Do
Special Others / No Time
Tropical Gorilla / Costello
Your Song Is Good / Lunch In The Jail

Skaville Japan ‘13

Ska In The World Records ‎2013 SIWI-220(CD)

Intro / Intro
Blue Beat Players / Tokyo Mone¥
Minamoto Jams / Unity
Free Kick / Pu Pu Ppi Do!
Rude Bones / New Step
The Redemption / Sunshine
The Rude Pressures / A Message To You Rudy
Red Claw Scorpions / Riot Army
The Sensations / Choose Your Life
The Oldtones / Breakaway
Copa Salvo / Yea, Yea, Baby
Oi-Skall Mates / Love Song
Soulcrap / I’m The One
浦朋恵&ザ・ロッキン・バリトーンズ / Boogie In My Liver
Cubetone / Elpis
The Drops / Do You Really Love Me?
Cool Wise Man / Moon River

Now Won’t Come Again

Ska In The World Records 2013 SIWI-219(7", Single)

Now Won’t Come Again

Train In Vain (The Clash COVER)

Footie Anthems Underground Vol.1

~United We Stand, Divided We Fall~

Ska In The World Records ‎2014 SIWI-254(CD)

Oi-Skall Mates / Kick Off
The Spyzz / Tom Hark
若葉 / Etokar Emina
The Sideburns / 4-4-1
The 69 Yobsters / Football Crazy
Beat Bahnhof / Goal
The Autocratics / Treetop Of Spring
Rude Bones / Let’s Keep Our Heads Up
室伏 / Kicker Boys
Skaff-Links / Anthem For The Hero
Hat Trickers / Three Lions
The Drops / Stay Just A Lil Bit Longer
Raise A Flag / 武蔵野
Substitute Steppers / Heatwave(Japan 1 - Brazil 0)
Doberman / Go For The Skadium
No All / Explosion

Good Times, 7300 Days

Ska In The World Records ‎2014 SIWI-300 (CD)


You’re Not Alone

Now Won’t Come Again (Vocals – Dicky Barrett)

Just A Doll

Sunlight (Vocals – King Django)

Cause My Heart Is Free

24/7 (Vocals, Keyboards – Victor Ruggiero)

Sad World


Making Me, Making People (Keyboards – Hirohisa Horie)

One Foundation

-Tokyo Midnight Ska Dance Craze Since 1999-

Ska In The World Records ‎2015 SIWI-259(CD)

Rude Bones / Sunlight (Featuring – Hirohisa Horie, King Django)
The Redemption / All Together
Cubetone / 孤独なライオン
Superbears / Bohemia After Dark
The Drops / Tipsy Shoes
The Kingstompers / 君がいないと
J.J Session / Coconut Milk
The Silver Sonics / 涙のムーンライト
The Autocratics / Special Man Of Immitation
Beat Bahnhof / The Place Where We Back
Joyride / 空、映しこむ
Mancho Cancho / Wall
El Cat / ヘブン
Dubjuana Midnight System / Misirlou (Featuring – Erika Crymson)
The Japonicans / Toytone Blues (Featuring – Otomamire Rub-a-dubstyle*)
Rollings / Beat Will Never Stop
Brave Lion / From China
Riddimates / Resistencia Del Trebol
Uncaba Authentic Band / ダヒル・サヨ(Dahil Sa Iyo)
The 69 Yobsters / Skinheads March

The Ultimate Fast Beats

Juggler Records 1995 23JDM0001(CD)

Bounce Records 1995 bounce-0013(LP)

Super Stupid / What’s Boarderless?
Coke Head Hipsters / Walk Like An Egyptian
Rude Bones / Think, Think, Think
Laughin’ Nose / Crunky Daughnut
DBX / Rip Off
GMF / Think About This
Wrestling Crime Master / Fiery Time
Laughin’ Nose / Thirty
Hobbledees / When A Man Loves A Man

Hey! What’s This Noise!
Phalanx Records 1995 PX-001 (7", Single) 

Hey! What’s This Noise!

Boring Life.

Bold As Love

Something Else


Life Ball / Don’t See It
Husking Bee / Own Cource
Snatcher / Trifles
Knit / Truth+Possy
Back Drop Bomb / Check Yo’ Fake
Shoulder Hopper / Ready For A Moonlight Flit
Jelly Belly / Party
Middishade / Enough’s Enough
Rude Bones / Run Out Of Our Homes
Spit Middle Finger / I Got
Galickson’s Tunnel / Stumble
Krunchedd / Protect Yours
Nobodys / Kedy
Grockey’s Revenge / Daddy Goes To Fishing
Green Giant / Turn Over New Leaf
Sherbet / There’s No Worry

Reality Has Become “SKA”
Diwphalanx Records 1995 PX-002 (CD), PXLP-002 ‎(LP, Ltd, Red)



Run Out Of Our Homes

Hey! What’s This Noise!

You All Got The Money

Time Won’t Heal The Pain

The Tip Of A Finger

Red Hot Steam

Skank For Brains!
Dill Records ‎1995 none

Rudiments / Wailing Paddle
Rudiments / Monkey Grinder
Rudiments / Treadmill
Rudiments / Sunday Morning Suspect
Rudiments / Spoon
Rudiments / Plank
Rudiments / Lucky Charms
Rudiments / Scapegoat
Rudiments / What’s Cookin’
Rudiments / Mamacita
Unknown / Artist Intermission
Suicide Machines / Hey Ska!
Suicide Machines / New Girl
Suicide Machines / The Real You
Suicide Machines / I Don’t Wanna Hear It
Suicide Machines / Too Much
Suicide Machines / The Vans Song
Suicide Machines / Green World
Suicide Machines / Inside / Outside
Suicide Machines / Little Home
Suicide Machines / Bonkers
Unknown Artist / Outro
Link 80 / Verbal Kint
Link 80 / Burning Down
Rude Bones / Hey! What’s This Noise
Rude Bones / Time Won’t Heal The Pain

Nothing Cool / My Life
Nothing Cool / The Unluckiest Man In The Universe

Skank For Brains (Saturday Matinee)
Beach Recordings(US) 1996 ‎ 017(CD)

Link 80 / Turn It Around
Kongo Shock / Gimme Ska
Kongo Shock / 35 Bucks
Nothing Cool / My Life
Rude Bones / Hey! What This Noise!
Square Roots / Pleasue Point Posse
Gadjits / Don’t Love You
Gadjits / Goodlove
Link 80 / Dance Floor
Link 80 / Pretty Girls
Link 80 / Termination
Link 80 / No Such Thing
Link 80 / Up To The Top
Link 80 / Dimestore Hoods
Nothing Cool / Unluckyman
Nothing Cool / Nowhere Else
Kongo Shock / Ska Vs. Spy
Kongo Shock / New Man
Rude Bones / Drastic
Rude Bones / You All Got The Money

Gadjits / Gangster Girl
Gadjits / Sassy
Nothing Cool / Burning For Christ
Nothing Cool / Time Card
Los Rudiments / Lucky Charms
Nuclear Rabbit / Fat Pig Phong
Nuclear Rabbit / Cross Dress Parade
Nuclear Rabbit / Moth Chew Moth
Nuclear Rabbit / Pogoniasis II
Nuclear Rabbit / Franchise

No Poet
Diwphalanx Records 1996 PX-006 ‎(CD), PXEP-006 (7", Single)

No Poet


There’ll Be Lots Of Hard Times Along The Way
Diwphalanx Records 1997 PX-011(CD), PXLP-011(LP)
Moon Ska Records (US) 1997 MR-118(CD)

Where Are You Now ?  

Loosen Up

Something Has Changed In Some Way

No “Five Buck"Poet 

Work Like Machine



Now That My Love Is Gone

There’ll Be Lots Of Hard Times Along The Way

Inside Concrete

Skaville Japan Vol.1
Phalanx Records 1997 PX-010(CD), PXLP-010‎(LP, Whi)

Oi-Skall Mates / Nutty Sound
The Sideburns / Down Town Blue Moon ~Junky Days~
Scafull King / Lunch In The Jail
Snail Ramp / A Pizza Already
Determinations / Lion Bite
Fruity / S.A.G. To You
Shoulder Hopper / ‘67 Beetle
The Drops '91 / Shame & Skandal In Da Family
Rude Bones / Short Of Time
Blue Beat Players / Cool Ska


Nihon Ska Dansu
Moon Ska Records 1997 MR117(CD)

Oi-Skall Mates / Nutty Sound

Coke Head Hipsters / Here Your Pop Food

Rude Bones / Short Of Time

Scafull King / Lunch In The Jail

The Sideburns / Down Town Blue Moon -Junky Days-

Young Punch / Nothing Goes Right

Fruity / S.A.G. To You

Shoulder Hopper / ‘67 Beetle

Blue Beat Players / Cool Ska

Snail Ramp / Pizza Already

Duck Missile / Push Out

Determinations / Lion Bite

Tonite It’s Christmas
rudebones ‎1997 RB-001(7", Single)

Tonite It’s Christmas

Christmas Dub Wise (Remix: Little Masta)

Far East Ska Convention Vol.1
Far East Ska ‎– FESC-001, Universal Music ‎– UPCH-1208(CD) 1997

The Silver Sonics / Seven Days
Ska Rockets / 人民の星
Rude Bones / Another Sun
Hectic Toes / Skank To The Beat -Movin’ On
Potshot / Act You Out (Far East Version)
The Sideburns / Ska Derby
Snail Ramp / Chocoshake
Blue Beat Players / Mad Boxer
Scafull King / 6Cycles
Peking Ducks / You’ve Made Me So Very Happy
Oi-Skall Mates / Just For Kicks
Cool Wise Men / 夏の恋 (Tribute To Tommy McCook)
Determinations / When I Get Low

Misfits Of Ska II
Asian Man Records ‎1997 006(CD)

The Skolars / Hear First, Feet First
Kemuri / Ato-Ichinen
Link 80 / Up To The Top
Animal Chin / Time Out
Unsteady / Heavy Rotation
Sprawl / Blue, Green, Slime
Four / At The Show
Pocket Lent / Rub-A-Dub
Smog UK / Faceache
The Chinkees / Edumoya
Absence / Power
Rude Bones / Hey! What’s This Noise
Thumper / Backstabber
Falling Sickness / Out Of Line
Missile Command / Fuentes
The Peacocks / One More Chance
Stinkaholic / Sugar In The Mornin
Blindspot / King Of The Mountain
The Hippos / Rock N’ Roll
The Aquabats / It’s Crazy, Man!
Aks Mamma / Smile Suburbia
Potshot / Clear
Sam The Butcher / They’ll Say
Against All Authority / Chelsea Baby
$1.09 / Away
Plinko / Stress Monkey
Pressure Flip / T.T. The Cop
The Eclectics / Cutting
Flat Planet / Mr. Goodbuddy
Bruce Lee Band / Superman

Ska United: A Global Ska Sampler
Moon Ska ‎Records 1998 MR130(CD)

Napoleon Solo / Go Home
The Porkers / Chemical Imbalance
Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars / Lord Have Mercy
Liberator / Mr. Wright
The Toasters / Underground Town
Judge Dread / Big 7
The Busters / Summertime (Live)
Rocking Time / Kimi To Kakayoku (You Are My Girl)
Mark Foggo’s Skasters / Knifeman Jack
Dr. Calypso / Kaspa
Bad Manners / That’ll Do Nicely (Rare Mix)
Mr. Review / Ships That Pass In The Night
Rude Bones / Where Are You Now?
Hotknives In My Dreams
Spook And The Guay / Anti Racist Soldiers
Easy Big Fella / Big Guns Down
Spitfire / Mama Mia
Skaferlatine / Louise
Intensified / Road Rage
Subtones / Pura Verdade
Buster / Bloodvessel & Skaos Sally Brown

Ska Of It All 1998 The Video
Space Shower TV ‎1998 SSTV-1(VHS)

Rude Bones / Bitch
Rude Bones / Work Like Machine

小島 / Sexy Dynamite Rock'N Roller
Potshot / Under The Blue Sky
Potshot / Clear
Duck Missile / Try To Be A Man
Duck Missile / Rush Out
Shoulder Hopper / Change My Life
Shoulder Hopper / Don’t Tell A Lie
Lä-Ppisch / Toys
Lä-Ppisch / パヤパヤ
Snail Ramp / Break Away
Snail Ramp / Dance Floor
Young Punch / Feel Your Sorrow, Tell Your Happiness
Young Punch / Fun’s Better, Isn’t It?
16 –Blue Beat Players Beat Heat Rock
Vocals – Wataru Buster
Scafull King / You And I, Walk And Smile
Scafull King / Lunch In The Jail
Kemuri / Prayer
Kemuri / Deepest River
Oi-Skall Mates / Nishiogi Tokyo

Scafull King / Rude Bones / Shoulder Hopper - Phalanx Tour
Phalanx Records ‎1998 none (1000 copies made hand numbered)

Scafull King / Nothing (Live)

Rude Bones / Run Out Of Our Homes (Live)

Shoulder Hopper / Now Most Enjoyable (Live)

Readymade Records Remixes
Readymade Records ‎1998 COCA-14771(CD), COJA-9191(LP)

Pizzicato Five / Trailer Music (Trailer Mambo Music Novophonic Remix)
Remix – Elektropez

5th Garden / Cooking (Arling & Cameron High Pressure Mix)
Remix – Arling & Cameron

Pizzicato Five / Mon Amour Tokyo (Mon Amour Kyotokyo Mix)
Remix – Le Hammond Inferno

Fantastic Plastic Machine / Bon Voyage (Escape Mix)
Featuring – Yukari Fresh
Remix – Escalator Team

5th Garden / Latin Hippies (Geba Geba Mix)
Remix – Comoesta Yaegashi

Fantastic Plastic Machine / Fantastic Plastic World (Voice ‘N’ Baroque)
Remix – Masaki Tsurugi, Sound Possible

Fantastic Plastic Machine / Please, Stop! (Ra Ra Ra? 7 Inch Version)
Remix – Rude Bones

Pizzicato Five / Collision And Improvisation (Dizzy Fugu Mix)
Remix – The Maxwell Implosion

5th Garden / Panoramica (Moodecho Mix)
Remix – Ahh! Folly Jet, Moodman

Pizzicato Five / Porno 3003 (Remixed By Thievery Corporation)
Remix – Thievery Corporation

5th Garden / Punch! (Katanga Mix)
Remix – Le Hammond Inferno

Fantastic Plastic Machine / Pura Saudade (Optiganally Mix)
Remix – Vagabond Cinema Pops Arkestra

Pizzicato Five / Collision And Improvisation (Jazz Brothers Mix)
Remix – Jazz Brothers

I Was Given Time

cutting edge 1999 CTCR-40018(CD)

Phalanx Records ‎1999 PX-037(7", Single)

I Was Given Time

I’m Singing

Let’s Talk More Today

cutting edge 1999 CTCR-14135(CD)

Diwphalanx Records ‎2000 PX-038(LP,Ltd)

Lift Up Your Fist 

Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) Written By – Otis Redding, Steve Cropper

Always Praying For You

Pain Will Be Washed Away

I Was Given Time

Shut Up! 

One Day (Featuring – Hiroshi Oikawa, Little Masta, Taiki N)

You’re Living In A Movie

Let’s Talk More Today


Lastrum 1999‎ LACD-0020(CD)

Mad3 / 恐怖の町
Beat Crusaders / 秘密戦隊ゴレンジャー
Rude Bones / Fireball XL
Switch Trout / 白影のテーマ
Domino'88 / マッハバロン
Co/SS/gz / かえせ太陽を
Blue Beat Players / Thunderbirds Are Go
Marble Diamond / ワイルドセブン
Polysics / 宇宙刑事ギャバン
Gyogun Rend’s / 猿の軍団
TGMX / マタンゴ/メインテ-マ

Where Did My Stick Go?

Cutting Edge ‎2000 CTCR-40050(CD)

Where Did My Stick Go?

Anything We Can Overcome

Kung-Fu Fighting (Written-By – C. Douglas)

Ska Stock ~Tribute To The Skatalites~

Justa Record 2000 AVCD-11868(CD)

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra / Shot In The Dark
Ego-Wrappin’ / Samba De Orfeu (Black Sunday)
Dry & Heavy / Man In The Street
Low Iq 01 & Scafull King / Alley Pang
こだま和文 A.K.A.“"Echo”“ From Dub Station” / Blue Ska
Super X / Royal Charlie
Rude Bones / Come Down
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra & Tsutchie (Shakkazombie) / Shot In The Dark (Tsutchie Remix)
Head Case / West Nile
Blue Beat Players / Lee Oswald
Little Tempo / My Melancholy Baby
The Skatalites / Ska Latte
The Skatalites / Roland Ride Alone

Something That’s Original

Cutting Edge ‎2001 CTCR-14171(CD)

Something Original


Where Did My Stick Go? 

Round Round & Round


Height Of Happiness

Everything Fazing Out (Pride)

Tomorrow Will Come 


Anything We Can Overcome


6.Rude Radio Show #1

Cutting Edge 2001 CTCR-14189(CD)

Jamdown Records (UK) 2002 jamdcd-015(CD)


Loosen Up

Hey! What’s This Noise!



Work Like Machine

One Day (F.O.)~CM

One Day

Something Original


Out Of The Blue

Ending Theme

~Tel Request Time~

Little Bitch (Bonus Track)

Spare Shells A Tribute To The Specials

Pork Pie(Ger) ‎2001 EFA05643-2(CD)

The Busters / Enjoy Yourself
Citizen Fish / Nite Klub
The Porkers / Little Bitch
Skavenjah / Hey Little Rich Girl
The Louisville / Sluggers Gangsters
The Upbeat / Racist Friend
The Allniters / A Message To You Rudy
The Skalatones / Stereotypes
The Amazing / Crowns Do The Dog
Area 7 / (Dawning Of A) New Era
Desorden Público / Pueblo Fantasma (Ghost Town)
The Bekesys / Liquidator
The Allstonians / Friday Night, Saturday Morning
Dr. Raju / Doesn’t Make It Alright
Skarface / Stupid Marriage
The Frits / Concrete Jungle
78 RPM’S / Do Nothing
Ballistic Allshorts / Man At C&A
Voodoo Glow Skulls / Blank Expression
Down By Law / Too Much Too Young
Rude Bones / Rat Race
The Butlers / Sock It To ‘Em J.B.
Skanic With Lynval Golding / You’re Wondering Now

Diggin’ In The Street

Lastrum 2002 LASCD-0028(CD)

Beat Crusaders & Rude Bones / Diggin’ In The Street

Rude Bones / Sad Song

Beat Crusaders / Time Spent With You

Rude Bones

Cutting Edge ‎2002 CTCR-14229(CD)

Boom Blasting

Something Get’s Convinient

Let’s Keep Our Heads Up


I Ask Myself


Tears & Smiles


Time Spent With You

Go Up! 

Broke Out + Bonus Track

Live In Brighton 2003

Killer Records(UK)‎ 2003 KS004(DVD)

Capdown / Ska Wars

Capdown / Mr Music

Capdown / Act Your 

Capdown / An A-Political Stand Of Reason

Capdown / Faith No More

Capdown / Cousin Cleotis

Rude Bones / Intro

Rude Bones / Out Of The Blue

Rude Bones / Let’s Keep Our Heads Up

Rude Bones / Hakuna Matata

Rude Bones / Work Like Machine

Rude Bones / Little Bitch

Dive Into Disney

Walt Disney Records ‎2002 AVCW-12304(CD)

Beat Crusaders / Mickey Mouse Club March [Mickey Mouse Club]

Snuff / Yo Ho [Disneyland]

Reel Big Fish / Main Street Electrical Parade [Disneyland]

H2O / It’s A Small World [Disneyland]

the band apart / When You Wish Upon A Star [Pinnochio]

Husking Bee / Baby Mine [Dumbo]

ALL / Chim Chim Cher-Ee [Mary Poppins]

Asparagus / Forever And Ever [Winnie The Pooh’s Most Grand Adventure]

Voodoo Glow Skulls / I Wan'na Be Like You [The Jungle Book]

Oi-Skall Mates / Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [Mary Poppins]

Doping Panda / Go The Distance [Hercules]

4106, Yuki, TDC, Masa (Spoony) / Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo [Cinderella]

Rude Bones / Hakuna Matada [The Lion King]

Tsutchie Feat. Mayu Kitaki / Someone’s Waiting For You [The Rescuers]

サン セッションズ ALOHA SURF TV selected

EMI Music Japan Inc 2003 TOCT-25081(CD)

Let’s Keep Our Heads Up / RUDE BONES
Make your mind up little girl / SLY MONGOOSE Feat.TSUCHIYA HIR
Wild Life / 少年ナイフ
She,her / noodles
V.I.P YUPPIE / babamania
デイゴの赤の輝く下に / gulff

BEST OF 蓮沼 1999→2003




1-1 –氣志團  デリケートにキスして
1-2 –Shakalabbits So Exited !
1-3 –Snail Ramp Will
1-4 –Cune イナズマ
1-5 –Domino 88 あしたのうた
1-6 –In-Hi In-Hiのテーマ
1-7 –The Stand Up 僕は君を永遠に
1-8 –マグネットコーティング 旅人よ笑え
1-9 –フーバーオーバー やのあさって
1-10 –Gelugugu XL Man Osaka
1-11 –Bivattchee はんぶんこ
1-12 –Dallax Stirring Up
1-13 –Stance Punks 少年激情
1-14 –Squeeze!! One Night Summer Love
1-15 –ロードオブメジャー はじまりの場所
1-16 –ニューロティカ 夏 ・ スイカ ・ 27才
1-17 –ジェット機 ラスト ・ ナンバー
1-18 –Hermann H. & The Pacemakers サマーブレーカー
1-19 –175R 和


2-1 –Beat Crusaders Be My Wife
2-2 –Pocket Face Many Faces
2-3 –Art-School 車輪の下
2-4 –Holstein Gently, The Rain Sings For Me
2-5 –Bomb Factory Exciter
2-6 –Lä-Ppisch Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ~Beat Up And Down~
2-7 –Ska Ska Club Santa Monica
2-8 –Ellegarden No.13
2-9 –コーガニズムオーケストラ 2nd Life
2-10 –惑星 夜を駆け抜けろ
2-11 –Never Good Enough Check Yourself
2-12 –Softball Things
2-13 –Lost In Time 線路の上
2-14 –ストレイテナー Silver Star
2-15 –Penpals Boys & Girls
2-16 –Rude Bones I Ask My Self
2-17 –B-Dash フーファイ

Rude Bones And The Down Stair Sessions 

Cutting Edge ‎2003 CTCR-14291(CD)


New Step (feat. Q MAXX / The Slackers)

Loosen Up

Booster Shot


Soon You’ll Be Gone

Another Sun

Now That My Love Is Gone

Take It Easy

Rain (feat.Greg Lee / Hep Cat, Deston Berry / Hep Cat)

Anything We Can Overcome

Tonite It’s Christmas (Bonus Track)

Get Mad Now

Diwphalanx Records ‎2005 PX-129(CD)


Just To Have Fun

No Ideas

Remember Me

A Little Bit Of Happiness


Get Mad Now

Ghost In Your House

No Place To Go


Go By The Flow

We Are In Love

Still Going On


Rock The Ultraman

Avex Trax ‎2006 AVCD-17953(CD)


Low IQ 01 / ウルトラQのテーマ(ウルトラ(I)Q)
Bloodthirsty Butchers / ウルトラマンの歌
Rude Bones / Ultra Seven
Overground Acoustic Underground / Matのテーマ
Bazra / ウルトラマン80
杉本恭一 / ウルトラマンレオ
特撮 / マイティジャックの歌
Foe / ウルトラセブンの歌
Cubismo Grafico / Macのテーマ
Moga The ¥5 / 死神の子守唄
怒髪天 / 怪獣音頭
吉村秀樹 / Matチームの歌
Mad3 / 悲愴~ウルトラ警備隊の歌

Gelugugu Amigos

Music Mine Inc. ‎2006 IDCA-1028(CD)


Marsas Sound Machine / Toxic Crusaders A Go Go
Rude Bones / Sing Together Ivy
The Captains / 涙のラストチャンス
ニューロティカ / XL Man Osaka
Kemuri / I Love Ska Punk
ロットングラフティ / Rat Fink
Gollbetty / No Plan Your Style
鴨川 / Crackers!
Gargoyle / Hurry Up
コンコンジャンプ / Six Ska Amigos
MJ / One Two
ロリータ18号 / I Think
175R / Boon Boon Boon

Skaville Japan 1996-2006

Diwphalanx Records ‎2007 PX-100(DVD)

Various / Untitled
Various / 1997 Skaville Japan
The Fabulous Drops / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan ‘06
Riddimates / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan '06
The Eastern Uptights / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan '06
Various / 1998 Ska Of It All
Various / Summer Of Ska '99
Shoulder Hopper / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan '06
The Rude Pressures / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan '06
Coquettish / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan '06
Various / Skankin’ Jammin’ 2000
Various / 2001 Ska-Au Go-Go-Go
Various / 2002 Rock The Ska-Ba
Various / 2003 Skaville Tokyo
Various / Tokyo Ska Craze 2004
Various / 2005 Ska Is Not Dead!
Cool Wise Men / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan '06
Rude Bones / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan '06
Oi-Skall Mates / Untitled, Live At Skaville Japan '06

2018.3.21 New Release!!

Just Started

SKA IN THE WORLD / SIWI263, SIWI263R (incrude Limited 7inch)











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